Discover How An Ordinary Nigerian University Graduate Went from BROKE

to Making Over $10,000

In Less Than 6 Months 

Using A Simple But Not SO Easy Business Model.

Want Proof? Watch The 2mins Video! 

But Wait! This Life Changing Opportunity Might Not Be For You! 

Before you begin to think to yourself,

“Kenny where’s the link?” or “I’m interested o! how can I start?” or even “Una don come again!”


Let me tell you why this will not work for you!

You see,

I didn’t get to this level where I make millions of naira every month at the speed of light.

In fact, none of the people who you think are successful today got there “Just like that”.

And it is just sad that so many people are roaming about the internet looking for who or what will make them a millionaire overnight!

I used to be one of them myself

Maybe you are even one of them too.

But here's the scary part

There are wolves who are strategically positioned online,

Their sole mission - to take full advantage of anyone looking to make quick money, 

And that’s why the story always end up with “I lost my money o!" or "Jesu! They have blocked me o! My last money!”.

I’m going to tell you one thing though,

If you brought that “Get Rich Quick” mentality here,

This same business that made me over $10,000 in 6 months will NEVER work for you!

Another thing is laziness,

Even my village people know that it took my consistent commitment of time, energy to be able to enjoy things like the picture you see below...

A Vacation To Dubai Whenever I want!

A Vacation To Egypt Whenever I want!

So many people who land on this page will run away when I tell them that the highly profitable online business I will be sharing with you is not for lazy people...  (I hope you are not one of them).

Because people today don’t want to do anything, yet they want to make money,

Please tell me,

Shey you can you make soup without lighting fire?

Or can you can make the soup without slicing vegetable, washing meat, or even peeling onions?

You see the point?

I DO NOT like to work with people who want to GET without GIVING!

In fact, I am irritated by people who always want SOMETHING in exchange for NOTHING.

A little bit of work towards achieving your goal is ALWAYS a yes! For me.

Sometimes putting in a little bit of effort,

even if it can be as little as watching a webinar online...

One that has the capacity to change your life (like the one I will show you shortly) such little effort can be just about enough to move you to the next level.


If you are NOT the kind of person who likes to put in efforts,

If you cannot focus on your growth and building a sustainable online business,

If you feel you are too old, or too smart, too experienced, too busy or too classy to learn and implement what I am going to share with you, 

Please! Please!! And Please!!!

Stop reading right now and continue your scrolling on whatever platform you saw this opportunity

Or maybe go watch Netflix or something else you think is a better use of your 100mb data.

I've heard people say before, “Kenny you can be harsh sometimes sha”.

I usually just smile and say nothing because it always comes from a place of passion!

It makes me push my mentees with hard truths,

Because I've tasted life in the trenches before and I can tell you "There's no dignity in poverty"

And after struggling for 11 months in this business, I figured out something interesting,

I only began to see results when I got angry at my situation and the excuses that I kept giving myself.

When I realized I needed to do better for myself, I went in search of the RIGHT INFORMATION and more importantly, what I must do with it.

Something that was going to take me from where I was, to where I needed to be…

This was what led me to man I like to call


This man right here is Sam Harvard,

He is a multi millionaire in $USD,

At a very young age,

He figured out a way to crack the code when it comes to making money from the internet,

using a very simple business model big companies like Uber, Amazon, Air BnB, Bolt and so on use…

This guy transformed that simple business idea into how ordinary Nigerians can apply it online and mehn I am glad I found him and his webinar.

I went through that webinar and it was the beginning of my journey to the over $10,000 you saw in the video at the beginning of this page,

If you would like me to share this same webinar video with you and you promise to treat it like the valuable treasure that it is, then I will send it to you FOR FREE!

After going through a webinar like this, for the first time ever, something hoooge happened!

I made N2,000,000 in just 7 days!

See me collecting the cheque below

Just imagine! The same guy they used to mock

The same me who struggled for 11months to make money online.

Now making millions monthly using just my smartphone with data connection,

If you want me to share with you the private webinar by my mentor, Sam Harvard, where he explains the entire framework of the business and how you can profit massively from it ASAP, then 

This Is For You, ONLY IF... 

  • Making $10,000 in the next few months sounds good to you
  • You are not a lazy bum who is just looking for a PONZI or Get Rich Quick Business
  • You are ready and willing to put in the work required to earn and make it big in the business
  • You are teachable and are willing to implement all you will be taught in the webinar
  • You have a smartphone and data and want to learn how you can generate a high income online for yourself

Oh! and by the way,

If you’re wondering whether this same business model has worked for others too,

I have trained over 3,500 people from about 48+ countries who are members of my group coaching community (ZTHA) doing this same business

and we have already raised 35+ new millionaires (in naira) this year alone…

See some of them below...

So many ordinary people getting extraordinary results from this same online business.

There are very many more amazing life transformation testimonies I could have shared with you.

It is working for me and it is working for my mentees too as you have seen.

That means it can work for you too. 

My goal is actually to raise 100 new millionaires in 2022 with this online business, and with the rate we are going we would definitely smash that goal,

The only thing stopping you from probably being one of the next set of new millionaires is how you use the information in Sam Harvard's webinar which I am going to grant you access to

PS - FREE ACCESS to the webinar will expire soon...

At this point, you should already know if this is for you

Every one can be successful... But not everyone will be successful

Because everyone might be ready and willing to PAY THE PRICE

But not every one has DECIDED to pay the price no matter what.

It's up to you to decide.

I'm waiting for you on the other side.

Your Friend,

Copyright © Kenny Nwokoye 2022.

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