Revealed: The 5 Pillars Of A Successful Affiliate Business

by Kenny Nwokoye
Benin | Oct 21, 2021

I woke up having a good feeling about today, I didn’t know what was to come or wasn’t even expecting anything exciting but then 

I decided to just go about it knowing something awesome was coming

So you know na, brushed my teeth, got a quick break fast and then I decided to respond to my whatsapp DMs before going on Facebook to scroll through my timeline

As I was scrolling I saw a message from one of my students which wow’d me and I’m like I need to share this, 

This cannot be for my eyes and those of his friends on Facebook alone

I'll Share His Name Later, but for now Here's What He Wrote


It was during the lockdown, everyone were forced to stay indoors due to the pandemic, and I am not the type of person to stay idle, I like to receive credit alert no matter what!

As an online entrepreneur with several online businesses, it would have been easy for me to just sit back during the lockdown and monitor my businesses and still receive steady alert within that period,

But my hunger for new ways to rake in the big bucks NEVER EVER dry off.

Dem say money no day do person, even burna boy sing am say dangote sef still day find money.

So since I had a little time on my hands, I decided to do a bit of research

And then I found a training in one corner of the internet people are using to make serious bread with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is just simply selling other people’s product and get a commission from the sale

This FREE TRAINING teaches ordinary people, both professional affiliate marketers and newbies, to pay themselves anything from 50k to 750k every month!

See ehn, for me I’ve seen A LOT of similar programs on the internet, making empty claims that they never deliver on and sometimes sef collect your money and disappear.

But what made me decide to look deeper was this

1. The person behind the training is not a nobody at all!

Kenny Nwokoye has changed the game when it comes to online marketing in Nigeria, no wonder he has even earned the nickname “Organic Commando”... You can check him out here

His success when it comes to affiliate marketing and making crazy organic sales speak for itself, I mean this guy has over 8,000 followers on facebook and almost 10,000 students in his group coaching program “Zero to Hero Affiliates”

If you hear his story about how he was able to scale his business to 7Figures in just 11months you will just be simply amazed!

Not to talk of when you hear students he has trained and are seeing amazing results, tell you how just by connecting with him via whatsapp their finances changed completely for the better.

2. The price to access the training was completely free!

Omo! When I first saw that Kenny was giving out a free training on Whatsapp I told myself that I would not miss it for any reason whatsoever!

I was like, “Organic commando” giving out a free training on Whatsapp?

O boy that means I can connect with him privately and learn from him absolutely free,

on top of that, also make 50 to 750K monthly using his proven methods. 

Who said God cannot give double blessings in one day?

That was how I decided to join the Kenny Nwokoye “5 Pillars Of A 7Figure Affiliate Business” free training on WhatsApp Through This Link and got started

In 32 Days I had made 122k almost easy! Simply following the steps and the guidance of kenny

I chose to make myself teachable and followed everything he said religiously and I did all that with:


I must tell you, this is one of the best things that happened to me during the lockdown


Mehn! That post struck a cord in me

His name is Ben Eromosele, and that story melted my heart so much that I’ve decided to bring back the FREE TRAINING and make this opportunity available again,

Imagine if this was you telling this story?

With just a mobile phone and a facebook profile, you could be commanding 100s of thousands into your account monthly...

I know a lot of people would not take action that is why I have made the training available, but only for a limited number of people

So, if you would like to know more about the “5 Pillars Of A 7Figure Affiliate Business” free training 

or you simply are ready to change your financial story in only a matter of months,

Simply click the button above and maybe it could be you writing this kind of story in one month even if you’re a “Johnny just come”

I don’t know when the next training will be and there are limited slots available, so it’s best to act now

This is one of the reasons why I highly recommend this training.

  • You don't need money to start (Crazy right? I'll show you don't worry) 
  • The market for products is huge you will never run out of products to sell (What that means is unlimited cashflow if you know what to do)
  • You don't need a shop or office to start (Your phone is your office)
  • The profits can be fast and crazy (Urgent 2k at your beck and call)

So, How Come a Lot of Nigerians Are Not Doing This?

There are two reasons:

(1) They don't know about the business

(2) They know about it but they lack enough information to get started and succeed with it.

But the good thing is that you can turn yourself into a 7Figure business owner within a few month if you use a system that is proven to work

Talking about a proven system,

if you don't know me, a quick search of my name Kenny Nwokoye on facebook or google will be enough to tell you about me

I successfully built my online empire from scratch to 7Figures without paying a dime for ads

Today I have over 8,000 students in my group coaching program Zero to Hero Affiliates and I generate millions of revenue in sales every month

Kenny Nwokoye Speaking at the 40 Streams Conference

Kenny Nwokoye Speaking at the 40 Streams Conference

What some of my students have to say about my training

I have prepared a 2-Day corrosive training that explains the 5 Pillars of a Successful 7 Figure Affiliate business

This Free Training Will Show You:

  • The exact Step - By - Step Blueprint ordinary Nigerians are using to earn up to 750k monthly with this business

  • The exact free resources you would need to get started almost immediately

  • Real life proofs and testimonials from other students that this really works

Click the button below to access the free training.

One more thing...

In case you are having doubts about if this will work for you or not, my answer to that is - IT WILL WORK FOR YOU

As long as you follow the simple rules that I will explain in the training.

Just wait until you see the various testimonies from other students in this video

It is now your decision to make.

Send me a whatsapp message to get started

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